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Join our L'Etape Cyprus volunteers team!

If you are looking to impact your community by helping in one of our events, we need you!

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some, it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others, it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Regardless of the motivation, what unites them all is that they find it both challenging and rewarding. Volunteers are often the glue that holds an event together. So if you are looking to impact your community by helping in one of our events, we need you!

Volunteer work is needed in the following event venues: Athlete Village, Field of Play (Land & Water), Transition Area, Aid & Feed Stations, Finish Line, Awards Ceremony.
We are looking for responsible, and disciplined individuals or groups with a pleasant attitude and a strong team spirit to facilitate the health and safety of the athletes as well as the spectators of the event.

  • Assist all athletes in their effort
  • Help to make athletes bags
  • Help athletes at the registration
  • Ensuring safety on the swim, bike, and run course
  • Protecting the course as a traffic controller
  • Cheering the athletes during the race
  • Help in the transition
  • Help at the aid stations
  • Help maintain clean venues during the event
  • Assist with install – uninstall of the race set up
  • Help with awards and prizes

Volunteering should be something you actively want to do. In other words, you shouldn’t be volunteering – but you might want to volunteer.

To express our gratitude all volunteers will receive:

  • Accreditation Kit
  • Volunteer Technical T-shirt
  • Packed Lunch & Drink
  • String Bag with Goodies
  • Certificate of Voluntary Contribution

It’s going to be a ride to remember!


Description: Volunteers will be trained in all areas of the organization, support, set-up, and behind-the-scenes assistance of a sporting event. They will learn everything required to prepare for an international cycling race; acquiring the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience.

Contact: Tony Martin

email: tony@mokapotproductions.com


Description: The goal of this group is the general promotion of L’Etape Cyprus using social media. The role includes the communication support of the race and the daily operation of L’Etape Cyprus – with translations and interviews of the athletes and ambassadors associated with the race. Volunteers for this role will enjoy a unique experience.

Contact: Pavlina Flevotoma

email: pavlina@mokapotproductions.com


Description: Receiving and escorting athletes and VIPs to the sports village and informing and guiding participants, as well as supporters and visitors at the activation points, such as the exhibition, the museum, etc.

Volunteers who speak English, German, French and Russian will be able to convey the necessary information, as well as enjoy the excitement of the race.

Contact: Nikoleta Ioannou

email: nikol@mokapotproductions.com


Description: This group of volunteers will be trained by the MOKAPOT PRODUCTIONS team to provide detailed information to the public, athletes, and visitors at the various information points – such as the museum, athlete’s briefing area, children’s activity area, and more.

Contact: Pavlina Flevotoma

email: pavlina@mokapotproductions.com


Description: This team is responsible for providing participants with the necessary equipment such as race bags, participation number, route plan, etc.

Volunteers for this position should speak good English. In addition, this group will receive a small amount of training from the MOKAPOT PRODUCTIONS team.

Contact: Nikoleta Ioannou

email: nikol@mokapotproductions.com


Description: During the race, there will be five ‘Feed Stations’ for the cyclists. The stations will be in Dora, Kato Platres, Troodos, Pachna, and Pissouri.

The Feed Station volunteer group will be responsible for stocking the stations (snacks, water, soft drinks, etc.). This team will be stationed literally at the heart of the race and will watch all the real-life developments!

Contact: Pavlina Flevotoma

email: pavlina@mokapotproductions.com


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