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How can I register?

All registrations are made on-line with time to. Registration takes no more than five minutes, and you will receive immediate confirmation by email. After creating your account (or logging in with your time to profile), there is just one form to complete and one payment to be made.

What is included in my registration?

Before the race:

  • One race number envelope for the L’Étape Cyprus by Tour de France, which includes:
    • Your personalized race number with:
    • 4 pins;
    • Stickers;
    • Number plate - with the same race number - and cable ties to attach it to your bike;
    • An electronic timing chip stuck to the front number plate;
    • A baggage label for the bag that you will leave at the luggage facilities on the morning of the race.
  • The Welcome Bag. A L’Étape Cyprus string bag with goodies from our partners and the official L’Étape Cyprus map with details about the Village, the entertainment and activities taking place, and practical information about getting to the start and finish areas;
  • Bike deposits in secured areas are available on Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm at the entrance of the Village.

During the race

  • Medical assistance will be available throughout the race. Necessary information will be provided on your road map;
  • Both stationary and mobile mechanical assistance will be provided free of charge (parts must be paid for), including at the feeding stations;
  • Access to the feeding stations during the race;
  • If you have to withdraw from the race, we will provide transport to the finish line;

After the race:

  • A finishers' medal;
  • Access to the Finish Village, activities and entertainment, toilets, podium, and screen;
  • Access to the After Race Party where participants can get together around a hot meal to share their experience of the race;
  • Your results will be available here. 

Additional services are available:

  • A photo pack with your best individual photos during the race;


Who can register?

The race is open to everyone, including riders without a competitive cycling permit, on the condition that they are 18 years old or older in 2023. So that everyone can enjoy the best race conditions, all participants will be ranked according to their level of ability when the race numbers are allocated.


How can I be sure that I have registered correctly?

Once you have finished the registration process, you will receive two emails: one confirming your registration for the event, and the other confirming your payment.

Do I have to have personal accident insurance?


We highly recommend that you add Personal Accident Insurance with a supplier of your choice so that you are properly covered during your participation in the event.

As you may know, the vast majority of your usual insurance policies totally exclude any participation in sports events either on an amateur or professional basis and therefore exclude the risks related to your participation in the event.

It is therefore important that you check the scope (and the exclusions) of the cover provided by your normal insurance policies and, if you are not sufficiently covered or not covered at all, you should consider taking out a relevant insurance policy that will cover you if you have an accident whilst taking part in the event, whether or not you were responsible and whether or not there is an identified liable third party.

Is there a cancelation insurance?

In L’Etape Cyprus by Tour de France, we offer no cancellation insurance with your registration.

If you are forced to withdraw due to:

  • death, accident, or illness;
  • death, accident, or serious illness (requiring hospitalization) of the participant's spouse, parent or child in the thirty days before the event;
  • refusal of a visa by the Cyprus authorities.
  • theft of identity papers in the 48 hours prior to the start of the race;
  • court summons.

You must apply for a refund within a period of 15 days before the date of the event via email to

A supporting document proving your inability to take part in the event will be requested. If this is a medical certificate, it must be dated no more than two days after the event.

Refunds will be paid by bank transfer within two months after the event.

Please note that cancellation due to an epidemic and/or a pandemic is excluded. The direct or indirect consequences of COVID-19 affecting the insured (positive test, contact case, or any other risk) are therefore excluded.


How can I collect my bib?


Race numbers, plates, and timing systems (chips or transponders) will be provided upon presentation of:

  • Your registration confirmation  with the QR code (received by a separate email closer to the event date);
  • Your proof of identity;
  • Your medical certificate, if it has not been validated by the organization or if you didn't upload it.

Download the medical certificate template

When will the race numbers be issued?


Race numbers will be issued 4 days before the event and will be distributed according to the sporting information we have been given. An email will be sent to you to remind you of directions to collect your bib and supporting documents.


Is a medical certificate compulsory?


Yes. It is compulsory to present a valid medical certificate containing the words “no contra-indication to taking part in competitive cycling”. N.B.: this must be less than a year old. We recommend you use the model certificates online.

Download the medical certificate.

To save time and avoid possible stress you can directly upload your medical certificate into your njuko account and ensure it's valid. Under your L'Étape Cyprus by Tour registration, you will have the possibility to upload your medical certificate and make sure that your medical certificate has been validated. Once the "pending" status is displayed, the document will be pending validation by the organization. You will receive an email once validated or refused. Warning, the file must be less than 1MB.

If your medical certificate has been refused or if you didn’t upload it, you will have to print and bring it to the bib collection (it must be dated less than a year prior to the date of the race and have the wording «cycling in competition »).


I am a minor, do I need to provide a consent form?


This is not required, because your registration has to be done mandatorily by an adult on the online registration platform time to. The electronic signature of the major person is deemed. Be careful, you have to be 18 years old in 2023.

When will my medical certificate be validated on my njuko account?


The validation of medical certificates by the organization will start two months before the race. You will receive an automatic email informing you of its validation or refusal.



What types of bikes are allowed on L'Etape Cyprus by Tour de France?


All bikes approved by the Cyprus Cycling Federation are accepted apart from electric bikes. Recumbent bikes and handlebar extensions are not allowed.


Are helmets mandatory?


Rigid helmets must be worn. The wearing of helmets (with the chin strap fastened) is mandatory at all times on the route. Any participant not wearing a helmet will be disqualified.


Is there any mandatory material to have on race day?


Yes, during the race you should have: helmet, can, repair kit with 2 tubes, and a pump to deal with punctures.

Is L'Etape Cyprus by Tour de France timed?


The race will be timed and will give rise to several rankings:

  • A scratch ranking;
  • A real ranking;
  • A real ranking by category
What is a time schedule?


The time schedule allows the closing of the route to be scheduled and those disqualified on L’Étape Cyprus to be managed. These disqualifications are based on split times defined for each village included in the course. These times are negotiated with the prefectures of each location and the relevant Traffic Police Departments. The strict application of these times (re-opening of the roads to traffic) is the key consideration if we want to continue to take advantage of a route that is completely closed for this race.


What happens if a rider withdraws / is eliminated?


You may be disqualified throughout the route. The “time schedule car” precisely follows the time schedule. Any rider who is overtaken by this car (equipped with a stopwatch), anywhere on the route will be considered as no longer in the race.

The “End of the Race” will be indicated by several of the organization’s vehicles. If you are disqualified, you will be asked to take a diversion or go to one of the repatriation areas where you will be picked up by buses/trucks which will take you and your bike back to the finish village. Bicycles will be placed in the trucks and handed back to riders at the finish village upon presentation of race numbers.


When will the results be published?


The results will be available on the evening of the event on your time to account.


Where can I find my photos after the race?


All photos will be available on the week after the event on Sportograf.


Can I volunteer to help out?


With pleasure! We love to work with enthusiastic helpers - maybe you can encourage others to help too? Bring a good sense of humor and generous nature and join our hundreds of volunteers who help make this memorable event run smoothly.

Please contact us by email:


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